Microscopic World -2- (Introduction to Quantum Mechanics)
Epilogue: Expanding World of
Quantum Mechanics
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Throughout these Seminars, Microscopic World -1- and -2-, we have learned the basic thinking way of quantum mechanics, and also studied how the contradictions between the particle nature and the wave nature of substance particles and light was resolved and unified within the theory.
Moreover, we have learned that the particle-wave duality is the very thing that can make it possible to explain all of the structure of atoms; not only the stability of atoms but also the atomic spectra characteristic to individual atoms were explained with the wave nature of electrons in the atoms. This was never explained in the classical theory.
The construction of quantum mechanics was a great scientific and philosophical revolution by which human being's understanding of matter, that had long been established since the Greek period, was completely changed. It is truly surprising to think that this revolution was accomplished only within about 30 years at the beginning of the 20th century under the tight cooperation of the geniuses in the world.
Since the construction of quantum mechanics, "the World of Quantum Mechanics" has been expanded wider and wider. It was combined with another scientific revolution in the 20th century, i.e. the theory of special relativity by Einstein, to bring out the relativistic quantum mechanics. It has also been expanded from the atomic and molecular world to the worlds of atomic nuclei and elementary particles, and many new discoveries have been made.
This World of Quantum Mechanics is still expanding and deepening. Readers are to become interested in those subjects and to actively study them.