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Preface : This is an English translation of "The Internet Seminar (Microscopic World -3- The World of the Atomic Nucleus)" from the original Japanese version.
The translation was done by myself (the original author) who may not be good at the English language. I hope that somebody proficient in English helps me to improve this English version. Please send your suggestions and proposals for improvement to the following address by e-mail:

I am looking forward to your cooperation.
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Jan. 1, 2006
Dr. Kenjiro Takada
Emeritus professor of Kyushu University
Contents :
Part 1 : The Discovery of the Atomic Nucleus, Its Constituents
The Rutherford Model of the Nuclear Atom. Hydrogen and Helium Nucleus.
The Discovery of the Neutron. The Constituents of the Atomic Nucleus.
Part 2 : The Structure of the Nucleus
The Size and the Mass of a Nucleus. Nuclear Models. Liquid Drop Model.
The Mass Formula. The Periodic Law. The Magic Numbers. The Shell Model.
Part 3 : The Nuclear Energy
The Origin of the Nuclear Energy. Inter-Nucleon Interaction. The Nuclear Force.
Nuclear Fission. Nuclear Fusion.
The photograph at the top of this page shows the 10 MV tandem accelerator at Kyushu University. It has the world's highest voltage gradient. The tank dimensions are 4m in diameter and 14m in length.
Huge machines are sometimes needed for investigation of the microscopic world.
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