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1-1: What is the Microscopic World?

If we divide the matter into finer and finer portions, we shall reach molecules and atoms ultimately. Everyone knows that the matter is the aggregate of a huge number of atoms.
The unit of length often used to measure a minute thing like a molecule or an atom is
where "nm" denotes "nanometer".
The size of an atom is thought to be about 1 or several angstroms (). Why can we think so? It will gradually be seen through the following WWW pages.

[Micro and Macro]
The world of atoms and a world of sizes smaller than atoms are called "micro" world or "microscopic" world.
On the other hand, the world of dimensions larger than atoms or molecules is called "macro" world or "macroscopic" world, which we can watch or feel in our everyday life.

[Mysteries in the microscopic world]
In the microscopic world, we can find a lot of mysterious and wonderful phenomena which cannot be understood by common sense accepted in the macroscopic world in which we live the everyday life.
A series of results obtained from scientific investigations to seek the laws working within this microscopic world is just the "modern physics" developed mainly in the 20th century.

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