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3-5: Summary of Part 3

Let us summarize what we have learned in Part 3.
(1) In quantum mechanics, bound states bring out step-like (discrete) energy eigenvalues, and hereby the stationary states in Bohr's quantum theory are perfectly explained.
(2) The structure of hydrogen atom has completely been explained with quantum mechanics.
(3) The periodic law of elements has beautifully been explained with the shell structure of atoms.
(4) Light (electromagnetic wave) is equivalent to a set of infinite number of harmonic oscillators. Quantizing this system, we can marvelously have the particle nature of light. And it has been clarified that light interacts with such charged particles as electrons in a form of particle, i.e. photon.
(5) The mystery of the particle-wave duality has completely been solved with quantum mechanics.
Thus it has been confirmed that quantum mechanics is very successful in describing the atomic world and this is the most fundamental theory to govern the microscopic world.

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