Microscopic World -2- (Introduction to Quantum Mechanics)
Part 1: Schroedinger's Wave Mechanics
As explained in the previous Seminar, Microscopic World -1- (Mysteries in the Atomic World) , light is a mysterious thing possessing both particle nature and wave nature. This is very difficult to understand within the classical theory consisting of Newtonian mechanics and Maxwellian electromagnetism. The theory to solve this difficulty is nothing else than The Quantum Mechanics. Here in Part 1 of the present Seminar, let us study just the basic thinking (philosophy) of the quantum mechanics.

Page 1: Bohr's Quantum Theory and De Broglie Waves
Page 2: A Brief Review on Wave Motions
Page 3: The Schroedinger Equation
Page 4: Heisenberg's Way of Thinking
Page 5: The Meaning of the Wave Function
Page 6: Tunnel Effect
Page 7: Alpha Decay of Atomic Nuclei
Page 8: Summary of Part 1

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