Microscopic World -1- (Mysteries of Atomic World)
Part 3: The Discovery of
the Particle of Light
The most fundamental theories in physics established by the 19th century were Newtonian mechanics and Maxwellian electromagnetism. These theories are generally called the classical theory. From the end of the 19th century to the beginning of the 20th century, many questionable points which could not be explained by the classical theory were revealed, and the classical theory came to a deadlock. How was this deadlock overcome?

Page 1: What is heat?
Page 2: Molecular Motions and Heat Capacities
Page 3: The Heat Capacity of a Vacuum
Page 4: Planck's Formula
Page 5: The Discovery of Energy Quantum
Page 6: The Hypothesis of Light Quanta and the Photoelectric Effect
Page 7: The Compton Effect
Page 8: Summary of Part 3

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